Hair Transplant in Turkey

The number of the Hair Transplant companies has increased considerably within last 5 years in Turkey especially in Istanbul. Rapid increase of the number of hair transplantation centers in Turkey in recent years has made difficult to make the right choice of people who desire to undergo hair transplantation surgery. What is the most important criteria for you in selection of the company? Is it the price policy or the quality of the operation? Hair transplantation prices in Turkey ranged from 2000 to 3000 Euros, mainly in Istanbul, as of year 2015. There are a lot of reasons of the fact that Hair Transplant centers in Turkey offer different tariffs of Hair Transplant; but what is important here is the fact that the company that will be preferred by you has a price policy and price - quality balance. Before getting Hair Transplant operation from the centers making operations with lower prices you should absolutely search and obtain reference.

There is a cost of getting to undergo hair transplantation surgery by an experienced team in the field in full-fledged hospitals or clinics; it is very important you to be sensitive during you are making your selection because of your health is in question.

Yeliz Özkaya who is founder of Star Hair Transplant assesses the Hair Transplant in Turkey and its development as follows:

We are one of Turkey’s leading companies in Hair Transplant; we carry out Hair Transplant actively for 16 years. Currently, our patients come from all over the world, especially from Arab countries, Europe, UK, Canada, Far East and the United States. Most of those who choose us are finding our company through the references; and this is our biggest source of pride in the sector. We have worked for about 16 years without compromising our quality; and we have represented Turkey in the best way by making Star Hair Transplant a worldwide brand.
The fact that we renew ourselves every time, and we closely follow the technological developments in our field, and we have been working with the same team for years are among the main reasons of our success.
We help for the fact that our guests coming to Turkey for Hair Transplant are met at the airport; and they are transferred to the hospital for the Hair Transplant, and providing their final checks, and our guests enjoy Istanbul and turn back on the day whatever they desire, and they are bid farewell confidently and trustworthily from the airport, they go back by getting correct treatment method and a comfortable travel.