Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant, the most simple definition, is the fact that the hair bulbs are transferred from haired region at nape part of head to other bald region; and permanent hair are owned in this way.
Today, the hair follicle transplantation can be administered safely. Hair follicle transplantation can be administered also to areas such as brow, mustache, beard but not only to scalp. There is a definite age limit in Hair Transplant. The average age of demands coming to Turkey from abroad about Hair Transplant varies between 20 and 55.

Transplant of Brow, Beard, Whiskers and Mustache

Brow Transplant is applied for reasons such as mostly for cicatrix healing, sear healing; and the brows are rendered compatible with your brow structure thanks to the brow transplant.
Aesthetic aimed beard condensation, mustache and whiskers transplant are also carried out with Fue Technic method as well as Beard Transplant is applied for the reasons of cicatrix healing and sear healing. 

FUE Technic

The latest hair transplant technique which is applied all over the world is FUE technique.  The fact that it is acheless and furthermore any cut or suture mark is not remain definitely made Follicular Unit Extraction, that is FUE, preferred. Furthermore, the fact that it is a transaction which is completed in a short period is also important. Maximum number of hair follicle that can be transplanted per day with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE Technic) is 3500-4000 grafts.  Transplanted hairs are taken from the haired region  between and up side of two ears of which hairs are not lost life-long.  

Natural Hair Line

A special hair design study must be done for everyone who wants to get Hair Transplant. Even the color, fineness, thickness of your hair, your skin color requires different working technique in Hair Transplant. Here, the experience of the team gains importance because to know the hair cut suitable for every hair style will quite affect the result. An experienced Hair Transplant team successfully creates your Natural Hair Line which suits the best for you; and thanks to this, the fact that Hair Transplant was done is not discovered.

The fact that the Hair Transplant is seen natural as if they are your own hairs becomes possible thanks to creation of Natural Hair Line and a right transplant. The experience of the Hair Transplant team you will select on this matter, and also them to work carefully directly effect the success of the Hair Transplant.