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Approximately 32.000.000 tourists per year from nearly 100 countries come to our country.  The number of tourists coming with aim of treatment for any reason to our country from their country of residence is around 500,000 in scope of health tourism for the purpose of recovering their health.

As for the hair transplantation, it takes place at the outset in the scope of the most preferred operations within the today’s aesthetic operations within the scope of health tourism. As for Turkey, it is amongst the most preferred countries for the Hair Transplant Operations.

The number of the Hair Transplant companies has increased considerably within last 5 years in Turkey especially in Istanbul. Rapid increase of the number of hair transplantation centers in Turkey in recent years has made difficult to make the right choice of people who desire to undergo hair transplantation surgery.

This web page has been prepared by Star Hair Transplant which does Hair Transplant for 16 years actively and also is one of the Turkey’s leading companies on Hair Transplant in order to inform people who want to make hair transplantation in Turkey. For more information, you can visit our Star Hair corporate web page.