Hair Therapies

Hair Mesotherapy
At the Hair mesotherapy, the vitamins, minerals and special serums including trace elements are directly injected into the troubled region, and thereby it causes the recovery of the damaged hairs.  Many of the drugs used in mesotherapy are homoeopathic and phytogenetic. Thanks to this, while the efficiency of treatment is in maximum level, the side effect and complication risk is minimum.

Platellet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRP (Platellet Rich Plasma) is an autologous treatment method that is made with own blood of person; and it created a revolutionary development in hair loss in recent years. It is objected, with PRP, to stop hair loss, to improvethe quality of the hair, and also to make possible growing of new hair. 

CGF-CD34 includes thrombocyte, leukocytes, growth factors and cytokines obtained by teh fact that the blood taken from the person himself/herself is eluted.   If the hair roots are alive, it provides growing of new hairs during therapy of weak, dry, thin, worn hairs; and helps to thicken and to strengthen of hairs by decreasing hair loss.